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In Marrakech over breakfast, conscious of the need to maintain our focus and awareness, I asked my husband to explain what he would say if anyone asked him what we believed in and what we were doing.  I added things and kept asking questions and wrote it all down.  No one has actually asked me what I believe in or what my life’s focus is but now that I have it all written down on a paper napkin, where better to share it than here?

We believe: 

That this world is an illusion and the only thing that matters is finding out who you really are. 

Why are we dismantling our perfect life?

If life gets too safe, samey and routine, the mind begins to travel to the past and future (e.g. harking back to good experiences, looking forward to things to do after retirement) because there’s not enough going on in the present.  You get stuck, like quicksand, like cement:  if you don’t keep moving the matrix has you stuck.  You get yourself stuck in the matrix.  Mortgages, putting down roots, are potentially traps.  Keep moving, keep changing routine.

Plus, we are working on stripping away mental conditioning…  

Via behaviours e.g. learn to go out without wearing makeup, keep trying new things etc, and via wrapping the mind around ideas such as there is no time, there is no past, there is no future etc. etc.  It can help to try out different conspiracy theories:  if you can wrap your mind around the Earth being flat or Paul McCartney having been replaced in the 1960’s, even if just for the duration of the YouTube video, then you are training your mind to disbelieve.  Nothing is real, everything you’ve been told is a lie:  Lots of people say they agree with that statement but actually find it very difficult to put it into practice and begin disbelieving in everyday ‘facts.’

And all the time, through it all, be truthful.  Be truthful to yourself.  Deconstruct yourself in order to find out who you are.  Getting rid of clothes, possessions, house, is all part of that.  Stripping away everything, all the surface layers, until you are left with nothing but the truth of who you really are.

Really, all this is a full time job.

When we had finished, I read it aloud.  Good, my husband said.  Maybe I can use it as my resignation letter, I said.  Of course, the finer details, indeed any of it, may well be subject to change, as with everything I do, say and think, but for now, it is as good an ‘explanation’ as I/we can come up with.


Actually, this is too important to be just a PostScript, I’ll give it a proper heading:

My intention

I am dismantling my home and I am leaving my job to go off travelling and blogging.