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20181026_132721This cat often napped in a sunny spot in the outdoor area near our room in Pushkar.  Nearby was a tree, the same one that the monkeys often visited.  Lying or sitting on the big branches the cat was almost perfectly camouflaged due to its coloring.  This was unfortunate for the bird population; Ganesh from the guesthouse said that there used to be so many more birds in the tree, even parrots.

The cat was not at all friendly.  In the evenings it sat on a wall near the entrance to the guesthouse.  My husband tried to stroke it and got scratched- not for the first time on this trip.

When we told Ganesh about this, he looked sorrowfully at us and explained, ‘I have tried so hard to make that cat love me.  As you know there is no meat in Pushkar* so I went on my scooter to (town several kilometres away) and bought fish and chicken especially for the cat.  I fed the cat the chicken and the fish, then I put my hand out and it scratched me!  Then I showed the cat YouTube videos of cats being cats.  The cat watched those videos for twenty minutes, then it scratched me again!  Three times that cat scratched me that day.  I don’t love that cat anymore.’

*No meat, no eggs, no alcohol.  Although there is a restaurant that has eggs and alcohol on the menu, and other places that sell alcohol discreetly.

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