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Our room

It is season time which means rooms are double the price they were in April.  Our old room was available but out of our budget.

This time we booked in advance as we were too chicken to turn up for Christmas without a booking.  Our first room was okay, it had a kind of rustic charm but it smelled a bit from the sink and was a bit mouldy in places.  Plus the toilet seat was broken, or rather, it wasn’t broken it just wasn’t attached to the toilet.  Couples who argue about how the toilet seat should be left might have fallen out big time, as it needed to be lifted on and off each time.

That wasn’t really a big deal though, at least we had a toilet seat.  In Nepal there was no toilet seat at all, and we had to sit directly on the porcelain loo base.  It was cold in Nepal and we were suffering variously from traveller’s diaorriah alternating with constipation so it wasn’t much fun.

Our first room here was by the staff area and work started very early the first few mornings; running buckets of water, beating laundry, chopping of food, and talking loudly.  And at night, through an open vent between ours and one of the staff rooms came some very loud snoring.

We were considering moving out, but then we saw an empty room on the other side of the courtyard and went in to have a peek.  It looked and smelled better, had a Western style toilet with a fixed on seat, plus an Indian style toilet.

It’s on the other side of the courtyard to all the taps so it’s quieter in the mornings, and the snoring is a lot less intrusive from here.  There’s no sink- there is a low-ish wall tap and a shower- and the fan is either full blast or off, but you can’t have it all.

20181228_093235My husband went around the other way after seeing that this cow- with big horns- was standing in the entrance/exit
Our room- eagle eyed readers might spot our regular companions Odomos for mosquitos and Oreos
Our bathroom- I don’t want you to think I’m doing one of those super glamorous travel blogs

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I wish you a very Happy New Year and all the very best for 2019

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