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All the places we’ve stayed… in chronological order… with links to relevant blog posts

We had a budget per night of £10 (or US$13 or IDR1,000, roughly).  We stayed in private rooms, except for me in Tokyo.  We kept well within budget most of the time, often staying in rooms which cost half that amount.  We blew the budget in Tokyo (£20 per night), and went over once in Delhi and once in Bangalore, and towards the end of our Pushkar stay when prices went up due to an event.

* from an article in an old magazine about the benefits of meditation, read in a cafe in Pondicherry, India

Delhi, India (Hotel) pictured above Arrival meltdown and First sickness

Our first stop.  That spot is special to me, I did my yoga there, ‘I’m doing yoga, in India!’ and I lay there in the hall on the cool floor next to the bathroom the night I was sick.

Train Delhi to Goa

Colva (Hostel/Guesthouse) Colva (Hotel)

Agonda (first Beach hut)


Agonda (second Beach hut) pictured above


Hampi ‘the other side of the river’/ ‘hippie island’ (Guesthouse) pictured above


Hampi temple side of the river (guesthouse) pictured above

Anjuna (guesthouse)

Arambol (guesthouse)

Panaji (guesthouse)

Varkala (bungalow)

Varkala (guesthouse) Meeting our people

Kovalam (hotel)

Varkala (hotel) Everyday enlightenment

Kanyakumari (hotel)

Kochi (homestay),

Night train to Chennai

Chennai (hotel)


Chennai (guesthouse) pictured above A piece of my heart is still in Chennai and Broadlands Guesthouse

Pondicherry (guesthouse)

Bangkok, Thailand (guesthouse)

Night train to Surat Thani

Haad Rin (bungalow)

Thong Sala (bungalow)

Sri Thanu (bungalow)

Night train to Bangkok


Tokyo Japan (capsule hostel) pictured above

(My husband went to Cambodia while I was in Tokyo, he stayed in two different guesthouse rooms.  He also did a trip to and from Bangkok with his daughter, and so had an extra overnight train journey, and three nights in three different hotels, so he wins on numbers!)

Kolkata India (guesthouse)

Night train to Varanasi

Varanasi (guesthouse)

Varanasi (guesthouse) 3 hours (unbearable due to building work)

Delhi (hotel)


Sleeper bus to Pushkar pictured above

Pushkar (guesthouse) first room


Pushkar (guesthouse) second room pictured above

We were there for a month and felt like part of the family.  They upgraded us for our last few days!  I loved Pushkar, home to Babas, gorgeous looking cows, and fun monkeys.

Delhi (hotel)

Kathmandu, Nepal (homestay)

Nagarkot, Nepal (wooden chalet)

Varkala, India (guesthouse)

Hampi (guesthouse) first room, second room So many things to love in Hampi…  and our second room

Bangalore (hotel)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (guesthouse)


Koh Rong, Cambodia (tent) pictured above (travel update Cambodia)

Otres Village, Cambodia (bungalow) Writing and contemplation

Siem Reap, Cambodia (hotel) A little bit of luxury

Hanoi, Vietnam (apartment)

Hanoi, Vietnam (guesthouse)

Sapa,Vietnam (hostel)

Hanoi, Vietnam (hotel)

Night train to Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Dong Hoi, Vietnam (pub/hostel)

Hue, Vietnam (hotel)

Nha Trang, Vietnam (hotel)

Nha Trang, Vietnam (hotel) next door

Dalat, Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, pictured above, our last room in SE Asia

As this posts we will be waking up in a Travelodge in London, before getting a train to Northampton, then a bus, to begin our new lives living on a narrowboat in the Northamptonshire countryside!

Thank you very much for reading