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Lou Reed: Transformer

Listen to the whole album all the way through for the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday morning/afternoon housework/dancing around the house with a duster pretending to do housework…

Released in 1972 when I was two years old.  Of course I didn’t discover it until several years later, maybe around the age of seventeen.  I can remember listening to it at that age anyway, lying on the floor in a room in a house I was babysitting at.  It’s one of the few actual moments and places I can remember from the past.

Lou Reed was married to the artist Laurie Anderson.  Lou Reed died in 2013.  In an interview with Rolling Stone Laurie Anderson said:

‘As meditators, we had prepared for this – how to move the energy up from the belly and into the heart and out through the head. I have never seen an expression as full of wonder as Lou’s as he died. His hands were doing the water-flowing 21-form of tai chi. His eyes were wide open. I was holding in my arms the person I loved the most in the world, and talking to him as he died. His heart stopped. He wasn’t afraid. I had gotten to walk with him to the end of the world. Life – so beautiful, painful and dazzling – does not get better than that. And death? I believe that the purpose of death is the release of love.’

And if you really can’t listen to the whole album, just listen to this:

Thank you very much for reading (and listening!)

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