2018-12-23 12.52.41The Lemon Tree, Varkala Beach, Kerala, India, December 2018

Hello, I’m Rachel

Welcome to my blog

In April 2017 my husband and I asked ourselves: What would we do if we could do anything? 
The answer was stop working and go off travelling. In March 2018 we left good jobs, sold our house, gave away most of our possessions and went to South East Asia, mainly India, for a year. Here are my India highlights.
Before we left the UK we bought a narrowboat to live on when we got back; to embrace voluntary simplicity and minimalism and to continue following the white rabbit…   
I’m writing a book about the whole experience; a personal travel/spiritual memoir. I put extracts up on the blog.
But I also just write about everything!
Thank you very much for reading
Books and stories by me
How to Find Heaven on Earth: love, spirituality and everyday life   The story of my ‘spiritual awakening’ available as paperback or ebook on amazon
Call off the Search: how I stopped seeking and found peace My second ‘spiritual journey’ book, published chapter by chapter on this blog beginning on 8th July 2017
So simple, so amazing: a journey into awareness My third bookpublished chapter by chapter on this blog, beginning on 17th July 2017
Short stories in women’s erotica anthologies available on Amazon
Make it Happy a short book about long term relationships written with my husband John (Anthony) Hill available on Amazon
Self help for the suicidal, a workbook for people struggling with suicidal thoughts and feelings available on Amazon

4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Rachel, good news. I have found a way out of this stuck situation that we found ourselves in this physical world. I have made an exposition of the hidden knowledge in my blog webpage raniloabando.com. If you could understand what I am saying there, then you are probably ready. You only need to do some follow up research, and I am willing to assist you. There is real hope now. — Ranilo Abando.

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